Most part of the inquires we receive from our customers regards the waterfront properties on Como Lake and its understandable why it happens..
A waterfront property gives you the sensation to possess your own piece of Lake to admire its quietness far from the noise and chaos of public beaches.
A waterfront property gives you the possibility to admire its beauty or to have a pleasant swim in its clean water in every moment without searching a parking place and risking to find a traffic jam to get to the beach. Isn’t it better to drink a cup of coffee on your own piece of the lake that belongs only to you?

For obvious reasons this kind of property is highly requested and therefor the prices on such properties are much higher. On the other side its an excellent investment, because historically for such properties the demand has been always exceeded by the offer, therefore the prices for waterfront properties are set to rise in future.
We also noticed that the most part of our customers would like to find a modern new built waterfront property, but unfortunately its hardly possible because there is a lack of building waterfront plots on the lake. It’s much easier to find and old waterfront villa and renovate it with the help of our team of architects, project managers and building Companies.

Take a look on our selection of waterfront properties!


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