Our agency offers comprehensive care for both the seller and for the buyer. All this with the utmost respect for what we believe to be an essential value in this type of activity: confidentiality. Going to treat and manage properties that represent a real asset to 360 degrees, from the architectural point of view, cultural, historical and also economic, we treat with the utmost discretion sensitive data with which we come into contact to protect each party involved in the trades.

Own discretion and confidentiality allow us to customize, coordinate and use the best communication strategies: it is the same vendor who chooses, of course together with us, what’s better to publicly and in which context do it, using a selection criterion always customized choosing which images to spread and which not. Then, it is possible to agree on the specific target to turn to, selecting, for example, a customer coming exclusively from one country rather than another. Those who choose to come to us will then have the certainty of a complete, secure treatment, with the utmost transparency and respect: an excellent professionalism always on the side of those who lean to our agency.

Below you can find the list of services we offer for both sellers and for those who buy the property.

Selection of the main services for sellers

  • Initial meeting to get to know each other and to discuss the conditions of sale of the property.
  • Construction of a complete and detailed description of the property and the context in which it is inserted
  • Realization of photo shoot with professional equipment both inside and outside of the property
  • Possible creation of a video and DVD
  • Posting for sale on our website
  • Promotion activities of the property within the international market.
  • Presentation and description of the property to our selected international clients
  • Organization of appointments with potential buyers, always in the company of a member of our agency.
  • Translations of documents, when necessary.
  • Preparation of the preliminary contract of property sale.
  • Registration of the preliminary contract, as required by law.
  • Full assistance until the deed.
  • Updating of contracts relating to the various devices connected to the property.
  • Delivery of a copy of the official deed of sale.