Are there times when you find the perfect location of the villa with a private beach and maybe even space for your little boat, but the villa itself isn’t just the design you dreamed it would be, or it is very old and needs complete renovation? 

Well, this is the exact situation, where we can make your thoughts and dreams come true! You might like to install a modern kitchen and upgrade the bathrooms or create a completely different layout of the rooms, reorganize the roof space and lay underfloor heating, or make some space for a pool with a lake view. All of this is possible! We have great experience in working with many building contractors, architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers and tradesmen, meaning that we can organize any project from the simple to chic.

Many clients have asked us to take care of their home projects and their confidence in us has paid off for each and every one of them. We truly want to reach your expectations and make your life in Italy as perfect as possible. We are ready to deal with all the details of the renovation process and keep you posted on anything you wish to be informed about. We assure you about finishing your project on time and use the budget that we have agreed about. We value your time and money! We are looking forward to choosing the perfect spot for you and changing it into your little paradise on Earth!


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