The charming Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlottais one of the most famous beauties of Lake Como: a few kilometres from Tremezzo, its elegant facade is now a symbol of the lake.

The garden villa occupies over 17 acres of land full of buoyant nature and art that mesmerizes every visitor. Over 300 hundred years, it has stood the test of time with its rare beauty that promotes a matchless historical, arty, and botanic culture onLake Como.

Each year, the Villa opens its gates for visitors around the globe.

Getting to Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is located on the lakeshore atTremezzina. As you walk from Tremezzo, your eyes can easily catch a glimpse of the sumptuous Villa Carlotta adorned with sculptures, cascades, and the lovely geometrical schema.
Villa Carlotta is a stunning place to visit. It’s easily accessible, mind to have a look at the Navigazione del Lago di Como website for the boat service.
What will catch your eyes: a land where art meets nature

Villa Carlotta is a great place for everyone. Visitors enjoyfabulous holidays as they overlook the shores of Como.

The Villa will win anyone who loves nature. As you walk along, you meet a botanical garden after another. The botanical garden has different sections with camellia trees and oranges, not forgetting the villa hosts palms, redwoods, cedars that will melt your heart. The glamorous view of the valley becomes clear with the shades of green and huge patches of hydrangeas.

Still present is the great old trees with a magnetic view of the Romantic period, the rhododendrons wood and ancient citrons surrounded by huge planes of secular sequoias bring out an amazing exotic essence.

The old garden has a baroque taste withbeautiful waterfalls worth the toast for real scenery. You can book a photo tour with the beautifully maintained gardens and get the best photography experience ever.

Talk about the museum!

The museum has a historical archive that sets it with great elegance. The great museum with private apartments beckons visitors for a sense of stimulation. As they walk around, they can behold the memories of ancient gardening techniques with a perfect exhibition of old tools and other collections by Francesco Hayez, Antonio Canova, and Giovanni Migliara not to forget the manifesto of“Romeo and Juliet” painted by Hayez.

The journey of discovery can’t end until you see the largest and most notable chamber embroidered with great ornaments that remind of Dumke Georg II. Other neoclassical museum sites to be admired include the plaster models room, Palamedes, Magdalen, Sommariva, and Cameos room.

Especially noteworthy is the group of sculptures in Carrara marble“Amore e Psiche”, by Adamo Tadolini.

As you explore the museum, you can hardly miss the exhibition for educational purposes and the wooden structures with old instruments used by the gardeners. Interestingly the churn beats a serpent with a man in its mouth; these are some of the breathtaking moments.

As you walk along the Villa park, your eyes can’t miss the authentic seas of variegated azaleas for a perfect photoshoot. For a better view, you can walk along the path and get the pure romantic flavour of the azaleas.

The botanic garden – over 70000 square metres – is home to over 500 species of trees and flowers from every corner of the world.

The villa, which consists of three floors is a public display of great magnificent arts with elegant galleries that would provide a perfect over-the-lake view for any visitor.

After visiting Villa Carlotta, you can walk from Tremezzo to Ossuccio to view the onlyIsola Comacinaisland on Lake Como to behold another interesting archaeological site.

As you take your move fromVilla del Balbianello, you can see the nice waters from Villa Melzito fill your day with fun. The public is not allowed there, but you can enjoy the surrounding garden with all kinds of botanical species.

A visit to Villa Carlotta helps you enjoy a perfect lifestyle with an amazingly exceptional experience tailored to your best interests.