Top attractions on a visit to Tremezzina - Lake of Como

Planning a holiday to Lake Como?You can’t miss Tremezzina. The beautiful town is situated on the western shore of Lake Como and has various tiny villages. It is blessed with famous gardens, villas, and wonderful viewsof the lake.

Over time loved by tourists from all over the world, the villages of Tremezzina open onto the lake between crystal clear waters; stroll along the shore of Lenno or get lost and admire the panorama of the mountains around the lake from Tremezzo.

Tremezzina has so many places and villas to enjoy, your days will pass quickly as you will enjoy the architectural pearls of this area and breath the scent of marvelous botanic gardens.

A visit to Villa del Balbianello

Count Guido Monzino was the last owner of this elegant 18th-century mansion. It sits on a wooded promontory 38 km from Como. This mansion has hosted various scholars, travelers, holidaymakers, and writers. You can take a taxi boat or on foot to reach this villa from Lido di Lenno.

Villa del Balbianellois a jewel on Lake Como. For movie fans, the villa was the set for Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars. Anakin Skywalker proposed to Princess Padmè Amidala on a big terrace here.

Some of the things you can do in Villa del Balbianello

Host an event

The magical atmosphere here makes it a wonderful spot to host your wedding, dinner, business meeting, or other ceremonies. Additionally,Villa del Balbianello is ideal for commercial photography and professional filming.

Venue for a romantic surprise

Looking for a romantic spot to make a love promise?Villa del Balbianello has a special atmosphere for any special and unique experiencewith your loved one. You can take a guided tour with the love of your life.

Take a guided tour “off hours”

You have a chance to enjoy an exclusive tour of the villa and garden without other guests. This is a great opportunity to learn about Guido Monzino, a famous explorer. He made 21 expeditions to various distant places including Greenland, Patagonia, the North Pole, the Himalayas, and Equatorial Africa.

Apart from exploration, Monzino was a collector, passionate traveler, and entrepreneur.A tour of Villa del Balbianellowill give you access to all his preserved memories. You have to organize the holiday tour in the morning before the villa opens to the public or at sunset.

Visit Villa Carlotta

The marquises Clerici of Milan builtVilla Carlottaat the end of the 17th century. It is a great attraction when you want to see Lake Como’s unique artistic, botanical, and historical heritage.

Some of the things you can do in Villa Carlotta:

Check out the botanical garden

Each season, Villa Carlotta’sbotanical gardenbecomes a kaleidoscope of colours. Blooming large patches of hydrangeas and various green shades fill The marquises Clerici of Milan built Villa Carlotta at the end of the 17th century. It is a great attraction when you want to see Lake Como’s unique artistic, botanical, and historical heritage.

the area with grace and elegance. In summer, the exotic Fern valley and pre-Alpine meadows come in full splendor.

Visit the museum

For art lovers, the masterpieces of Villa Carlotta’smuseumawait you. The villa has an elegant setting for a private apartment furnished with Princess Charlotte of Sachsen-Meiningen’s furniture. Here, look forward to seeing pieces from artists including Canova, Hayez, and Thorvaldsen.

Family games and walks

Villa Carlottais a wonderful destination to visit on a holiday with the whole family. There are endless games and walks for everyone’s sensory stimulation. The villa offers a lot to keep in your gaze and memories.

Enjoy the San Giovanni Fest

When planning a holiday on Lake Como around June, don’t miss theSagra di San Giovannifestival. Celebrations for this annual event happen during the last weekend of June.

The event reenacts the 1169 battle by the people of Como with Frederick Barbarossa. You can watch the event fireworks on the shore or from a boat.

Some of the things to enjoy during the San Giovanni Fest:

Attend a village party

The wholeOssuccio hamletcomes to life this weekend. Hordes of people come from neighboring villages to take part in the event. At sunset, everyone begins to illuminate their balconies, courtyards, windowsills, and shores with candles.

The quiet and peaceful place begins to buzz with activity. Main roads become full of people in all directions. You can visit any of the various restaurants, bars, street food vendors, or merry-go-rounds before the fireworks begin.

Watch fireworks

Fireworksmark the major attraction of the San Giovanni festival. The shape of the village complements the display to give a unique experience. The organization of the fireworks is just like a proper show. It has a stage, story, and conclusion. And the show begins when everyone is settled.

Attend mass

After the fireworks, you should plan to attend themass on Sunday. With the ruins of the Basilica of Saint Eufemia on Comacina Island, there is a holy mass to celebrate the saint. During the mass, there is a solemn procession full of devoutness, history, and folklore.

The climax of the festival is the “Regata of San Giovanni”. Look forward to watching teams from various lake-side villages racing on the “lucie”. This fascinating show is a skyrocketing competition and display of strong parochialism.

Also known as the Sacred Mount, Sacro Monte di Ossuccio is situated on Lake Como’s western shore. It offers a splendid view of the mountains,Comacina island, and the lake. The local noble families with the will of the Franciscans started building this sanctuary in the mid-17th century until 1710.

Sacro Monte di Ossucciois a dedication to the Rosary’s mysteries. It has 14 chapels scattered along the path to the sanctuary. Olive groves and lush vegetation surround the articulated structures and shapes.

Marvellous walks

Sacro Monte di Ossuccio is a beautiful place. It is among the 9 Holy Mountains of UNESCO’s Heritage of Humanity. Look forward to catching amazing views of the 230 terracotta and stucco statues including shapes by Agostino Silva. There are also frescoes from artists including Carlo Gaffuri, Giovan Paolo Recchi and Francesco Innocenzo Torriani.

When planning a holiday on Lake Como, you can’t fail to check out the various attractions in Tremezzina.