Isola Comacina, the single and wonderful island of Lake Como.

The fascinating atmosphere of a magical place

Isola Comacina is theonly island on Lake Como. Visitors come from far and wide to enjoy its unique natural beauty and the sight of the green valleys and little villages scattered all around.

Over the centuries, famous people, writers, politicians and members of the international jet set have flocked to the shores of the lake to enjoy the scenic setting and peaceful atmosphere. Many people love Isola Comacina for its idyllic walks, mild climate, peaceful atmosphere, and air of romance.

A scenic boat ride to thischarming islandin the lake is also a voyage of discovery to its glorious past.

How to get to Isola Comacina

The island can generally be reached in the spring and summer from any of the main docks with theLake Como Navigation service, which takes you straight there; and from Ossuccio, there is a direct taxi-boatservice to Isola Comacina.

What to see on Isola Comacina

During a walk on the island, you can discover many things ofhistorical and natural interestas well as enjoy glimpses of the lake and valleys through gaps in the beautiful, lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Isola Comacina, also known as Castello (“Castle”), once featured many fortifications and churches – including S. Eufemia, one of the most interesting basilicas of the 11th century.

In the early 1900s, archaeological excavations brought to light various artifacts dating from the Roman era to the sixteenth century.

Isola Comacina is not only aboutnature and the past; it is also a place known for its art. In 1920, there was a project to create houses for artists in full rationalist style.

And do not miss the traditionalfeast-day of San Giovanniheld at the end of June when there is a procession of boats and a fantastic firework display on the lake.

After landing, you can decide to take a drink at the famous Locanda Dell’Isola Comacina and then proceed to a tour of the Island. From the Antiquarum Museum, you get to view the church of St. Mary Magdalene.

You take a boat and cross Zoca de l’oli to find your way to the peaceful Comacina Island. The collection of historic sites and three beautiful artist houses gives you some relaxation after your pleasant walk.

Around Isola Comacina

If fun of Villas, you can take a view atVilla Carlotta, a botanical garden at the lakeshore of Tremezzina. If still in love with nature, Villa del Balbianellois another magnetic attraction, which lies on the western shore of Lake Como near Isola Comacina.

It’s all about nature; you cannot get bored by the 1 km footpath. If you wish, a taxi boat would aid you to exploit the Lenno beach.

Isola Comacina Island brings out the unique neoclassical topographies that burst out the day’s fragrance without getting bored. If you wish, your vacation would probably be set during springtime, where plants of every kind boom and their fragrance fill the air.

The vacation would not be complete until your eyes beholdVilla Melziand get to watch the beautifully crafted work. The surrounding hills give it a perfect look matched with vineyards and laurel plants together with olive groves. Villa Melzi glows with exotic essences mapped with valuable sculptures free for public viewing from March to the end of October.

Isola Comacina island is perfect for anyone who wants to glimpse the surrounding cities such as Como and Lecco. Here, you cannot missVilla del Balbianello, graced with beautiful terraced green gardens. Just located at Lenno, the villa will leave you amazed by the stunning view of the Island. It would excite you to use the elegant place for your beautiful photographic sets and other private events you may wish such as weddings.

As you walk out of the villa, you cannot miss two prominent buildings beautified with English and French furnishing that take your mind back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Its interior is graced with nice artifacts and glass paint. Walking in the gardens of the upper parts of Villa del Balbianello, you can viewBellagio, from Loggia Durini. In the province of Lecco is Villa Monasterothat has a botanical garden, a magnificent museum with a perfect Nordic style.

A day’s entertainment would probably not be complete without taking a trip to the villa gardens and viewing boats as they get in and out of the ferry port. With the cultural and scientific center with vibrant colors, you can almost extend your vacation.

Before your vacation ends, there lies the Villa D’Este. For a fresh mind, here is where the beauty of an elegant lifestyle is hidden. You cannot miss the luxury lake views with a romantic view. Villa d’Este has an incomparable view of boats and marina that shove to the lakeshore in the evening, sending their brilliant sparks for a magical stay.
From gyms to floating pools, to landscaped parks and the touristic nature Isola Comacina provides you with a great experience.

You cannot miss Isola Comacina island for a peaceful holidaysurrounded by botanical gardens on bountiful plains. With its beauty, you cannot get enough for the day. It’s our pleasure to offer only what brings out the perfect lifestyle longed for worldwide.