Here Is All You Need to Know When Visiting the City of Como

Como, a place of beauty with a bustling character.

A little north of the city of Milan and easy to reach by any means of transport, is thebeautiful town of Como, the main town on the lake of the same name.

History, beauty, art treasures and nature: Como is the perfect starting point for visiting the many wonders of the lake.

A bit of history

According to Roman historians,Como was founded as early as the 12th century BC. There are various artistic and cultural trails that lead you through the streets of Como: from the Duomo, begun in 1396, to the Broletto and the civic tower, and past handsome old churches and buildings, all with a tale to tell.

There are shops in the centre that sell thebest of Italian fashion and design, and a promenade on the shore of the lake where you can go for a leisurely walk.

On the lake you cannot fail to see “The life Electric”, dedicated to one of the most illustrious citizens of Como, Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery.

Living the lake

Then there are the handsome period villas, the real gems of the lake, from which you can enjoy the stunning landscape.
You can also take the cable car to Brunate, known as the “balcony on the Alps” for its incredible open views.

The mild climate and natural beauty of Lake Comohave made it a popular destination for famous people, writers, aristocrats, and nobles: hence the fine villas with beautiful grounds where you can wander about or sit and relax.

The historic villas

Villa Olmois the most famous residence in Como, built in the late 1700s. It owes its name to an age-old tree, an elm; and the gardens, covering five hectares and home to an impressive botanical collection, are now open to the public.

In Como, you can admireVilla Resta-Pallavicino, now Carminati-Scacchi, Villa Saporiti, Villa Gallia and Villa Mondolfo-Volontè.

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Embrace nature with more chumminess

We are pretty much sure that you are anature lover, that’s the reason you are here, and we won’t disappoint you. Lush green earth under the feet, breathtaking scenery of fresh water, and the cold blue sky hung high all are fascinations going to turn into reality.

Furthermore, a recent census by the Milano Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Como and Lecco as the 3rd Lombard hub for honey production.

While you are wondering what is so unique inComo honey, let us tell you that honey explodes very striking organoleptic texture and flavors. The honey is a production of pre-Alp and is moderated by the fresh lake water all year round.

Bear in mind when talking about nature; the charm and depth of lake water are unforgettable. Those who love to play with waves of deep water will appreciate the stories of sea divers and amazing facts uncovered by professional sub-biologists.

They discover gravel, old shells of specific zebra-striped mussel, large isolated limestone rocks that shield fish, sand, seaweed meadows, and water plants used by royal roosts to lay their eggs at the Lake bottom.

Invest and build without any regret

Let’s face it and don’t try to ignore the sound whisper inside you when viewing an eye-opening multifaceted depiction of art, “the homes”. How fascinating would it be to play the piano on the bank of Lake Como? We are not necessarily talking about playing it; instead, we want you to place yourself in the scene where the pianist playing romantically with rhythm and flow.

If you are a healthcare love, what else could be more favourable for you than living around nature “the Lake Como? If home for you is like analyzing yourself andkeeping yourself far away from the chaos and crowd at peace, then step towards the city of Como.

Moreover, you can develop your artistic sense in a better way at Como when it comes to deck and cocoon yours inside as well as home.

Final thoughts

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