Hi, we suppose that if you are surfing among Italian Real Estate websites on Lake Como, y0u are definitely searching for a house to pass holidays with your family or simply for the purpose of investment. We also imagine that you already have the idea of how the house of your dream should be. Probably you still haven’t find your house among many listings on various real estate platforms simply because the owners of the property prefer not to publish it in internet for privacy reasons. So why don’t you try to describe the house of your dreams to us? We have a thorough knowledge of the Real Estate market on lake Como and we will be happy to help you to approach  your dream.

How your ideal house should be? Do you have a big family and you need many bedrooms? Are you going to change your residence or just come here for holidays? Would you like to rent the house in the periods you are not in Italy? Do you like a modern or old style? Every detail is essentially important for us , we will listen you very carefully and will do our best to find the house that meets all your requirements.

Describe the house of your dream


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